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Colour TherapiesColor therapy is a very important aspect of Vastu science. The colors affect our emotions, intellect, body and our intuition (sub-conscience). Choosing the right colors facilitates the flow of the right energy into our space. Colors associate themselves with directions and planets. For example green is related to Mercury and the North.

Colour has a universal language like music. Modern science accepts that colour produces psychological reaction within the body, it has language of itself that we tend to understand naturally.

Colour Theory offers a way to enhance nearly every aspect of our lives - improving our moods and stimulating our minds, increasing our effectiveness at work and in society and creating better physical and mental health.

Colours affect various domains of our life - world, food, clothing, the living place, transportation, education and recreation. Wise arrangement of colour will help to increase their happiness, enhance their wealth, and faster their marital harmony.


Colour TherapiesColour inspires emotion. Colour structures our behavior.

Green colour travel on frequency that doesn’t require any adjustment. It is soothing. It gives the feeling that ALL IS WELL. Red colour that travels at longest frequency (VIBGYOR) needs maximum adjustment from eyes ie. It is stressful, it spells danger and discomfort and put us on alert.

Scientific experiments have proved that colour is a form of energy. As colour is a form of energy it also affects the temperature consequently & therefore colours are classifieds as: Warm Colour’s & Cool Colour’s Cool colours are recommended for warm climate & Warm colour’s are recommended for cold climate.


Colour TherapiesOne need’s not to even see to recognize colour’s many people can distinguish between colour’s blind folded just by touching the colour’s by their finger tips. However the exact mechanism behind the this touch & recognize relation is yet to be established but science has already established how colours affect the human minds. When colours wavelength falls in the colour (colour acceptance in the eyes), it gets converted into electrical pulses. It gets converted into sign which then travels to the brain that converts it into recognizable images. Therefore we can say we are sensing not seeing the colours.

Each colours wavelength focuses on the particular part of our body and induces a specific response and mood. This same mechanism is applied when we apply different colours in the house and work place and therefore different moods and behavior is displayed under same circumstances. This principle is carefully observed for use of colours in building Therefore many a times we observe how a fresh coat of paint succeeded in achieving a near magical transformation of lifeless building into an amazingly attractive one.


Colour TherapiesColour also can harmonize and balance our energy and thus improve our life and destiny. For any form known to exist, it must possess colour and we know that out of the void of the Universe come all things. Harmony and balance are desirable in our physical and emotional makeup and in our environment. Out of the balance and harmonizing of positive and negative forces arises energy - the most essential feature of life and life and human energy is greatly affected by colour.

Colour also indicates cardinal directions, seasons, the cyclical passage of time, and the internal organs of the human body. Colour is regarded as a manifestation of cosmic energy - vitality that can also shape an individuals personal energy and therefore, their destiny. Adding a new colour to an environment can stimulate a positive or negative response.

Skillful and intelligent application of colours forms part of VASTU -CHIKITSA is healing of sick buildings.
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