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Welcome to Vastu Kriti
Vastu ImagesVastukriti is derived from two words VASTU and KRITI. VASTU means dwelling of humans & God and KRITI means divine creation for better living. VastuKriti aims to inspire the living in harmony with nature, keeping in mind the essentials of asthetic values of Interiors.

As per an old saying :
"If you are one with nature, you are one with God."

Architects make houses with fittings & furnishings but Vastu consultants turn them into homes with divine geometry.
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We at Vastukriti pay special attention to :
Geopathic Stress :  
Geo means Earth & pathy means disease. Geopathic stress is related to earth oriented disease that gives birth to hazardeous problems which regulates from beneath the earth surface.

Sometimes homes & offices are built on negative energy place on the ground or rooms and part of room located over pathelogical zone.These are neutral radiations from deep inside the earth that have become dissorted and turned negative as they pass through various underground stream minerals /deposits within earth crust.
Vastu Purush Mandal :  
Vastu purush mandal is a grid consisting of 81 squares forming a mandal of divine energies. Vastu purush mandal is "Materic square grid" which is one of the five cannon of vastu shastra which explains a locational theory of techtonic.
Divine Geomatry :  
Divine Geomatry is an ancient science that explains the energy pattern that create & unify all things & reveal the precise way in which the energy creates & organizes itself.
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